Children’s safety vest

Дитячий страхувальний жилет KOLIBRI
Published: 06.06.2022

The long-awaited summer has come, rivers and lakes beckon us with their hot sand and cool water. Shady trees, splashing water and a light breeze call us to their place away from the bustle of the city. It is difficult to imagine a picnic on the shore of a reservoir or a boat trip without swimming. A safety vest is a mandatory item for safe water recreation. It will provide the necessary additional buoyancy, protect you from hypothermia and possible impacts on the boat or foreign objects in the water. It is necessary to use safety vests for all participants in a water trip or games in the water – adults and especially children, both those who can swim and beginners.

A detailed article about life and safety vests, their types, sizes, materials, design features and selection is presented on our website.

Briefly consider the features of children’s safety vests

First of all, it should be noted that safety vests must be provided for all children on board the watercraft or during games on the shore of a reservoir. Even if the child knows how to swim, he should still wear a vest, because safety rules are the same for everyone. The vest must be put on the child before boarding the boat (playing in the water).

A safety vest for children has a number of features that distinguish it from a regular adult vest:

  • the presence of an additional sling between the legs so that the vest is guaranteed not to slip off the child (usually for small sizes);
  • exact correspondence to the size, not a vest “for growth”;
  • the sizes of children’s safety vests, as a rule, are as follows:
    • Infant – body weight up to 12 kg;
    • Child – body weight from 13 to 24 kg;
    • Youth – body weight from 25 to 50 kg.
  • choosing the size of a vest is a responsible matter, you need to try on several vests before choosing the most suitable one that will not hinder movement and will not be too big. Adjustable straps and fastex fasteners allow you to fasten the vest well and precisely, eliminating chafing or constraining movements;
  • the bright colors of the fabric of the vest will attract attention and will not let you lose sight of the child;
  • the presence of reflective elements will make it easier to see the child in the dark;
  • it is better to choose a children’s safety vest with a foam filler, in a non-inflatable one, because inflatable models are much less reliable.

Дитячий страхувальний жилет KOLIBRI 2

Summer holidays on the river, games on the shore, swimming or boat trips will remain in the memory of the child as one of the most vivid childhood experiences. And it is very important to ensure the safety of your children on the water, for which it is necessary to have and correctly use a children’s safety vest.

Жилет страхувальний дитячий

KOLIBRI Boat Manufacturing Company produces high-quality and reliable safety vests of various types, sizes and colors. We are sure that you will choose models that will suit you and your children. Assistance in choosing a safety vest will be provided by our specialists – by phone or e-mail.

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