Float board boatFISHERMAN Series

KOLIBRI inflatable float board boat (Belly) «Fisherman» series for fly fishing and fishing can become Your indispensable assistant during a trip.
Model of Float board boat
  • tubes are produced from five-layer PVC fabric 850 g/m2 density;
  • lightweight and dimensions in transport condition;
  • quick assembly and disassembly of the boat;
  • full-size rowing group with oars with improved hydrodynamic characteristics;
  • floorboard and seat air-deck.
Standard equipment
  • Boat
  • Oars
  • Floorboard and seat air-deck
  • Back straps
  • Onboard bags
  • Bag for boat
  • Nets
  • Repair set
  • Pump
Color solution
dark gray
dark gray
light gray
light gray
green / black
green / black
dark gray
light gray
green / black

The amazing world of inflatable floating chairs

There is a category of boat that is unlike any ordinary model of watercraft. These are not just boats, this is a separate club, with its own history and names that will surprise even experienced fishermen. Welcome to the world of inflatable float board boats: the Belly Boat (“boat on the belly”), the Float Tube, or the floating horseshoe, the floating chair, or simply the Float board boat.

The main purpose of these boats is fishing. The fisherman, located at the level of the water surface, feels an unprecedented closeness to nature. An inflatable fishing boat is easy to move, steer, and even hold in place while fishing – often with the help of legs or fins. And some models are equipped with oars or even motors. There are special places on board for fishing rods, bags and necessary equipment, and the use of thermal clothing and waders is mandatory.

A bit of history

Inflatable float board boats appeared quite a long time ago, for the first time they were used as an individual means of overcoming water obstacles during the First World War. Later, these boats lost their popularity, but now they are gaining recognition again, this time as an ideal fishing tool. Today, they are popular, especially in Europe, where there are even fishing competitions using them.

There are several types of float board boats:

● ROUND (round): The classic “belly bot” with a circle shape that resembles a lifebuoy. The fisherman is in the water at waist level, “hanging” like a float.

● U-BOAT (like the letter “U”): The most comfortable type, similar to a floating chair with the shape of the letter “U”, where the angler sits with his feet in the water.

● V-BOAT (like the letter “V”): This belly boat has a pointed nose, which makes it easier to move compared to other models.

● Catamaran: This is already a “floating pipe” Float Tube, they differ in their construction, the ability to stand in their cockpit on their feet and their relatively high cost.

Features and benefits

The main features of the Belly Boat are the size of the boat and the location of the passenger. The size is the minimum possible for the maintenance of one person with a rather limited set of equipment. The position of the passenger is immersion in water up to the waist, or only the legs.

The advantages of float board boats are their extremely low weight and compactness, practically silent operation, and most importantly, the unique possibility of fishing at the level of the water surface. No other type of boat provides such an opportunity.

Inflatable float board boats for fishing from KOLIBRI

SC KOLIBRI BMC is the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of inflatable rowing and motor boats, offers its unique development – Fisherman, a float board boat made of PVC fabric with a density of 850 g/m2 and a set weight of only 15.5 kg. This type of individual fishing craft quickly gained popularity among our customers.

The chair-shaped Fisherman model has a U-shaped body, which makes it easier to mount the motor. With room for fishing rods, an inflatable air-deck seat, oars on the rowlocks and many other amenities, this float board boat makes fishing “from the surface of the water” exciting and unparalleled.

You can buy this unique float board boat in the stores of the KOLIBRI dealer network, which covers more than 30 countries of the world. The company’s specialists will gladly help with consultations and give answers on the choice of accessories and additional equipment for boats of this and other series.

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