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Inflatable motor boats represent boats with the stationary transom. They can be as flat-bottomed as with the inflatable keel.

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Rowing boats “Super Light”, “Standard”, “Profi”.
Motor boats “Standard”, “Light”, “Profi”, “Sea Line”, “Explorer”, “Explorer Light”.
“Travel” canoes, “Fisherman” float board boat and “Sea Cat” catamarans.

The transom is a rigid plate, which is used to mount the outboard motor. If you want your rowing boat to turn into a motor boat, you need to install a hinged transom on it or buy an inflatable boat with a stationary transom.

The keel is needed for course stability. Inflatable boats with a keel are less prone to swaying to the sides at speed, that is, the keel stabilizes the direction of the boat.

When choosing an inflatable keelboat or a flat-bottomed boat, personal preferences must be taken into account. Boats with a keel have better maneuverability, controllability, quick access to a speedboat, and greater engine power.

Variants of floorboards for a certain model of the boat may be a decal. There are different types of floorboards – slatted deck, folding flooring (sole-book), hard floorboard (wooden or aluminum) with stringers and inflatable floorboard air-deck.

Motor boats from KOLIBRI Boat Manufacturer Company

Ukrainian company KOLIBRI sells inflatable motor boats KOLIBRI at retail, as well as wholesale through dealers.

The price for KOLIBRI motor boats is commensurate with price/quality. KOLIBRI inflatable motor boat is the best choice of boat for recreation on the water. It is a great choice for absolutely any water and is perfect for fishing, hunting or tourism. The use of the outboard engine makes the boat fast and allows to sail long distances. Now your weekend will be much more fun because with a motor boat, fishing and hunting will become your favorite leisure activities. KOLIBRI MBC offers wide range of accessories and optional equipment of its own production for KOLIBRI inflatable motor boats.

KOLIBRI inflatable motor boats series

Standard” series (KM-200; KM-245; KM-260; KM-280; KM-300;KM-330) these are flat-bottomed inflatable boats with a stationary transom and adjustable sliding seats.

Light” series these are light motor boats (KM-280DL; KM-300DL; KM-330DL) with the inflatable keel, hemispherical cylinders and streamlined body, tapering toward the bow part. The lightness is achieved due to the lighter fabric of the body and floorboard.

Profi” series (KM-245D; КМ-260D; KM-280D; КМ-300D; KM-330D; KM-360D) these are keel motor boats with the classic body shape.

Sea Line” series (KM-330DSL; KM-360DSL; KM-400DSL; KM-450DSL) these are keel motor boats.

Explorer” Series (KM-270DXL; KM-300DXL; KM-330DXL; KM-360DXL) these are inflatable motor boats “DXL” series full-size keel boats with improved design, enlarged cockpit, improved seaworthiness, stability and high carrying capacity. Excellent choice for families and professional use.

Explorer Light” series (KM-270XL; KM-300XL; KM-330XL) KOLIBRI inflatable boats of the  are flat-bottomed motor boats with an inflatable air-deck, with an enlarged cockpit, improved seaworthiness, stability and high load capacity. A great choice for family vacations and professional use.

What makes KOLIBRI motor boats different from other brands

All boats of the “Standard ”series have: five layers PVC fabric density 950 g/m2; main connections are welded on the HFW equipment; transom is produced from moisture resistant, film faced plywood; overpressure valves to release excess pressure from the tubes.

“Light” series inflatable motor boats have: small weight of the full set; enlarged cockpit; five layers PVC fabric density 950 g/m2.

“Profi” series motor boats have: five layers PVC fabric density 950-1100 g/m2; two options of the floorboards with the stringers – plywood and aluminum.

“DSL” series inflatable motor boats have: five layers PVC fabric density 1100 g/m2; two options of the floorboards with the stringers – plywood and aluminum; line reinforcement of the inflatable keel by the protection strake 12 cm.

“Explorer” series motor boats have: five layers PVC fabric density 1100 g/m2; two options of the floorboards– aluminum with the stringers or аir-deck; line reinforcement of the inflatable keel by the protection strake 12 cm.

Motor boats wholesale from KOLIBRI BMC

Ukrainian company KOLIBRI proposes retail sales of inflatable motor boats. KOLIBRI BMC is interested in developing a dealer network. To get the Dealer status you need to send an application form to

KOLIBRI: The Inflatable Boat with Motor

In the realm of waterborne adventures, the KOLIBRI brand has been making waves as a reputable inflatable boat manufacturer. Their range of products includes the best motor for inflatable boats, and these vessels have gained immense popularity among water enthusiasts. KOLIBRI takes pride in producing high-quality inflatable boats equipped with engines, making them ideal for various water activities. Each KOLIBRI boat with inflatable boat motor is renowned for their robust design, which ensures they can handle diverse water conditions.

KOLIBRI: Your Trusted Inflatable Boat Manufacturer

In your quest for the best motor for an inflatable boat, look no further than KOLIBRI. Whether you’re seeking an inflatable boat with engine for recreational boating or professional use, KOLIBRI offers a versatile range of inflatable motor boats that combine reliability and quality.

Official Dealer of KOLIBRI BMC can purchase motor boats in bulk.

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