Inflatable boats of the RIB class (Rigid Inflatable Boat) are a special type of small vessels that have a rigid fiberglass hull, which is equipped with inflatable tubes around the perimeter, consisting of several hermetic compartments.

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Inflatable boats with a rigid hull (RIB)

Imagine yourself on a cruise on calm lakes where you explore quiet hidden coves, or vice versa – imagine the speed and adrenaline of extreme water sports. Or maybe you need an auxiliary boat for your yacht? In this article, we’ll take a look at the highlights of the exciting and exciting world of RIB boats, revealing why they’re an excellent choice for experienced sailors and novices alike.

So, a rigid inflatable boat or RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) is a small-sized vessel (motor boat or boat) that has a strong and rigid hull and an inflatable tube, divided into compartments, located along the perimeter of the upper part of the freeboard. RIBs are actually an improvement on conventional inflatable motor boats due to the features of the fiberglass hull.

RIB hull

The RIB hull is usually made of aluminum or fiberglass – this gives the hull shape and ensures smooth surfaces. Some manufacturers even add Kevlar to fiberglass sheets to increase strength. The hull of the RIB is designed to increase the speed of the boat in the slipway. KOLIBRI manufactures fiberglass hulls, they have an average keel.

The length of RIB hulls from KOLIBRI is from 2.7 to 6 meters. The power of the engine is from 8 to 115 horsepower, and the steering console with a helm and special stationary seats guarantee the comfort of driving the boat, especially when you are sitting facing the course of the boat. Additional design advantages of the RIB are the possibility of installing metal handrails, a windshield, the use of lockers under the seats and even a double seat cushion at the stern.

Inflatable tubes are made of traditional and proven PVC with a density of 1100-1200 g/m², the number of chambers is from 3 to 5, and overpressure valves are installed between them to equalize excess pressure, for example, when heating the tubes under the sun, when the pressure in them increases.

How to choose a RIB

Choosing your RIB involves many factors including size, purpose, budget. Determine how many passengers you will typically carry, what types of water activities you plan to do, and whether you need any specialized equipment or accessories. In addition, conduct research on reliable manufacturers and dealers, familiarize yourself with the terms of the warranty and post-warranty support, read user reviews.

KOLIBRI RIB types: Lite and Ultra series

When choosing a RIB, two series are available: Lite and Ultra.

KOLIBRI RIB Wing Lite are light, strong and fast boats with fiberglass hulls from 2.7 to 4.3 meters. Boats in this series are more affordable, they are ideal for recreational use or day trips with family and friends. They are also ideal auxiliary boats (tenders) for larger vessels, which are used to conveniently reach the shore.

KOLIBRI RIB Wing Ultra are luxury boats with a modern design, a spacious cockpit, a large cargo capacity and a wide selection of options. They have hulls from 3 to 6 meters long. These vessels are more luxurious, equipped with advanced features and amenities for longer voyages or professional use. It is possible to install a navigation arch for running and position lights.

How far and how fast can you go on a RIB?

One of the most common questions that potential RIB buyers ask is how far they can go on these versatile vessels. The answer depends on a variety of factors, including the number of passengers and luggage capacity, fuel tank capacity, engine power, weather conditions and the availability of onboard amenities. Although RIBs can cover considerable distances, it is important to plan your journey carefully, taking into account refueling stops, safety equipment and emergency procedures during the journey.

In the case of using a RIB as an auxiliary boat for yachts, when it is necessary to reach the shore in shallow water, range is not essential, but reliability, ability to hold a wave and safety are important here.

The speed developed by a six-meter RIB under a 110 hp motor can be 30 knots or about 55 km/h.


A RIB combines the stability and strength of a rigid hull with the buoyancy and versatility of inflatable tubes. This innovative design offers the best of both worlds, making the RIB a popular choice for cruising, fishing, diving, rescue purposes, patrolling and of course as a support boat (tender) aboard larger vessels.

KOLIBRI RIB boats are manufactured on industrial equipment in factory conditions, where quality is controlled at all stages. The experience of the team of designers, technologists, and testers of SC KOLIBRI guarantees the traditionally high quality of vessels, guarantee and support – technical and consulting. So, choosing our RIB, you will enjoy for many years not only the reliability of your boat, but also the aesthetics and elegance of the dynamic lines of its hull. Do not deny yourself this pleasure.

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