Motor boats of theSTANDARD Series

KOLIBRI inflatable boats of the Standard series are flat-bottomed inflatable boats with a stationary transom, with a full-size cockpit, the passenger capacity of up to four people and the ability to install an outboard engine with a capacity of up to 12 hp.
  • durable and cut-resistant five-layer PVC fabric with a density of 950 g/m2;
  • quick assembling and disassembling of the boat;
  • the main assembly units are welded using HFW equipment;
  • three variants of the floorboard: slatted laminated deck; folding flooring (sole-book); air-deck;
  • a wide range of accessories and optional equipment of our own design;
  • transom is made of high quality, moisture resistant, film faced plywood;
  • overpressure valves to relieve excess pressure in the tubes;
  • sliding seat – stepless variable positioning along the boards of the boat allows installing the seat in the most convenient place for you;
  • full-size rowing equipment with enhanced hydrodynamic characteristics;
  • bow roller with the anchor rope fastening;
  • monolithic transom mounts are many times stronger and more reliable than traditional mounting using PVC straps.
Standard equipment
  • Boat
  • Oars
  • Seat
  • Pump
  • Repair set
  • Manual
  • Bag for boat
Optional equipment
  • Floorboard (slatted laminated deck, folding flooring (sole-book), air-deck)
  • Removable soft seat
  • Under-seat bag
  • Bow bag
  • Protective canopy
  • Bimini Top
  • Overall cover
Color solution
dark gray
dark gray
light gray
light gray
dark gray
light gray

Boats of the “Standard” series: your start in the world of KOLIBRI motor boats

Motor inflatable boats of the recognized Ukrainian manufacturer KOLIBRI open the “Standard” series. This line, which includes six boat models, is a real revelation for those looking for a reliable, functional and affordable water vessel.

Advantages of the “Standard” series

  • A wide selection of models and colors:

The series includes six different models, from 200 to 330 cm in length and from 144 to 160 cm in width. Each model is available in three color variations: green, dark gray, light gray.

  • The possibility of installing a motor up to 12 hp:

The Standard series is equipped with a stationary transom that allows you to install outboard motors up to 12 hp, providing you with high speed and efficiency. The transom is made of high-quality moisture-resistant laminated plywood.

  • Overpressure valve:

For greater functionality, the tubes of this series are equipped with overpressure valves that allow you to quickly release excess pressure.

  • Sliding seats and high load capacity:

Provide yourself with maximum comfort and practicality thanks to the sliding seats and the large cargo capacity of the spacious cockpit.

  • High quality PVC fabric:

The tubes are made of strong five-layer PVC fabric with a density of 950 g/m², which guarantees a long service life of the boat. All seams of boats of the “Standard” series are welded on HFW (high frequency equipment), which ensures unsurpassed reliability of the connections of parts of the fabric.

Disadvantages and risks

The only drawback of this series of boats is the lack of a keel, which is actually their feature, giving the right to exist to boats of other series. Flat-bottom motorboats have their own unique niche of use, they are more stable in the parking lot during recreation or fishing.

Scope of use

The “Standard” series is ideal for:

  • Family vacation:

A comfortable cockpit with sliding seats and a large cargo capacity create ideal conditions for relaxing with the family. If you add the possibility of installing a protective canopy then such a vacation becomes even more comfortable for a company of up to four people.

  • Fishing:

With the possibility of installing a motor, these boats become an integral part of the water arsenal of fishermen. The flat bottom is a factor of stable anchoring, which adds safety. There is a bow roll with an anchor rope attachment.

  • Tourist trips:

Compactness and lightness make “Standard” excellent for traveling on water. The possibility of using the motor on a stationary transom ensures course stability and the possibility of relatively long trips. The choice between the smallest and the largest boats of this series guarantees the satisfaction of functionality for every taste.


The “Standard” series from KOLIBRI is a successful fusion of functionality and affordability for a line of six boat sizes. With an incredible selection of models, colors and high-quality workmanship, the boats of this series will become your faithful companion in the world of water adventures. Entrust the priceless moments of your water vacation to these compact and reliable boats – and you will not regret your choice.

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