Inflatable boats are an integral part of active recreation on the water. In order for your water trip to be safe and comfortable, it is important to have quality accessories for the boat that meet all the requirements of modern technologies. The Ukrainian manufacturer of inflatable boats KOLIBRI offers a wide range of its own accessories, which are perfectly suitable for any type of inflatable boats – rowing and motor.

A boat is not without important elements, this fully applies to modern hardware, which is the KOLIBRI hardware.

For oars

The reliable operation of the oars is ensured by such accessories as the rotary rowlock and oar clutches (left and right). High-quality plastic and metal parts of this set guarantee a long operation of your oars, without squeaks and distortions. The oar holder is fixed on the side of the boat, its name speaks for itself.

For the lifeline rope

Another important and irreplaceable accessory serves to fasten the lifeline rope – these are passable and ending holders. They are also manufactured by the KOLIBRI company. Thanks to this reliable fastening, the lifeline rope is always firmly fixed and always at hand.

For the anchor

The anchor, that symbol of hope, is actually one of the most important pieces of equipment on any vessel, large or small. The anchor is attached with bow roller cleat and anchor Roller, this accessory from KOLIBRI will never let you down either.

For inflatable tubes

The pressure in the tubes of the inflatable boat is regulated by overpressure valves. When pumping, the air valve “Bravo” is indispensable. It is probably unnecessary to say about the importance of this accessory.

For towing and carrying

If there is a need to tow the boat, another important accessory will come in handy – a towing-eye with a metal or plastic ring, depending on the model of the boat. A functional handle is indispensable for carrying your boat by hand – it is simple and reliable. It should also be mentioned for the handle with tow, it is installed on inflatable motor boats of the DXL series.

For the transom

Transom plates, metal and plastic, protect the transom of your boat during outboard operation, and the transom mounting bracket is used to mount the transom between the boat’s PVC tubes.

As you can see, this set of accessories manufactured by KOLIBRI is a guarantee of a safe journey of your dreams through the waves and splashes of water bodies of any country.

Production of accessories for inflatable boats is one of the professional areas of work of SC KOLIBRI BMC. We guarantee the quality of each element and care about the convenience and safety of our customers. Choose accessories from KOLIBRI – choose the reliability and comfort of your vacation on the water.

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