Motor boats of theDXL Series

KOLIBRI inflatable boats of the Explorer series are full-size keel boats with improved design, expanded cockpit, improved performance, stability and high carrying capacity.
An excellent choice for family vacations and professional use.
  • smooth contours and improved nautical qualities;
  • expanded cockpit;
  • modified geometry of the transom;
  • durable and cut-resistant five-layer PVC fabric with a density of 1100 g/m2;
  • two variants of the floorboards – aluminum with stringers or air-deсk;
  • keel lines reinforced with a 12 cm protective strake;
  • the transom additionally reinforced with a protective strake;
  • overpressure valves to relieve excess pressure in the tubes;
  • sliding seat – stepless variable positioning along the boards of the boat allows installing the seat in the most convenient place for you;
  • full-size rowing equipment with enhanced hydrodynamic characteristics;
  • monolithic transom mounts are much stronger, than traditional fastening with PVC tapes.
Standard equipment
  • Boat
  • Oars
  • Seat
  • Floorboard (aluminum floorboard with stringers / air-deck)
  • Pump
  • Repair set
  • Manual
  • Bag for boat
Optional equipment
  • Removable soft seat
  • Under-seat bag
  • Bow bag
  • Protective canopy
  • Bimini Top
  • Overall cover
  • UFB (Universal Fixing Block)
Color solution
light gray
light gray
light gray

“Explorer”: the perfect design of the boat of your dreams

In the world of inflatable motor keelboats, choosing can be a difficult task, but when it comes to the Explorer series from the Ukrainian manufacturer KOLIBRI, the choice becomes easier, and the experience of water adventures is unparalleled. Because it is very difficult to find a boat of optimal dimensions and a futuristic design that would satisfy all your needs – both for leisure and professional use.

Let’s delve into the world of these wonderful boats and find out why they become the chosen option for the most demanding. You get a boat that stands out with its unique combination of features, giving you a water adventure experience like never before.

Model line

The Explorer series consists of four models, namely: KM-270DXL, KM-300DXL, KM-330DXL, and KM-360DXL. The numbers in the name of the boat traditionally illustrate its length, and the dimensions of the cockpit will also pleasantly surprise you.

These keelboats occupy a special place in the KOLIBRI range due to their unique ergonomic and stylish design, improved seaworthiness, stability and high load capacity – from 450 to 690 kg.

An engine with a capacity of up to 20 hp. copes well with gliding, and the crew can consist of two to five people, who are comfortably accommodated in a spacious cockpit with a width of 82 cm and a length of 192 to 282 cm.

Technical features

PVC fabric:

Boats of the “Explorer” series are made of durable five-layer PVC fabric with a density of 1100 g/m2. This guarantees high resistance to cuts, abrasions, exposure to motor fuel and lubricants, which extends the service life of the boat. The fabric does not wrinkle when the boat is stored in an inflated form, it perfectly withstands both high and low ambient temperatures.

Choice of the floorboard:

Boats can be equipped with two versions of the floorboards – aluminum with stringers (standard equipment) or inflatable air-deck. This allows you to make a choice that takes into account your needs and preferences. Each of these floorboards has its own unique features of installation and use, but both guarantee the boat high running and performance characteristics.

Reinforcement of keel and transom:

The keel lines are protected by a 12 cm wide protective strake, which provides additional strength and protection against impacts. The transom is also reinforced with a guard bar for durability and stability. The metal transom plate is also a feature of the DXL series.

Smooth contours and transom geometry:

The smooth contours of the boat and the changed geometry of the transom improve the seaworthiness, making the hydrodynamic properties better, and the trip even more comfortable and safer.

Overpressure valves and sliding seats:

Boats are equipped with overpressure valves to relieve excess pressure in tubes. Sliding seats provide stepless movement along the side of the boat, allowing you to conveniently choose a place to sit and place cargo.

Monolithic transom mounting supports:

Transom mounting supports are monolithic, which makes them several times stronger compared to traditional mounting with PVC tapes. This ensures high stability and safety.

Handles along the tubes:

Boats of this series are equipped with handles unique to all KOLIBRI boats – from three to five on each side. This adds safety when the boat is in motion or when embarking and disembarking from the vessel at the shore or pier.

Complete set of the boat

The standard equipment of the boat includes: boat, oars, seats, floorboard (aluminum with stringers / air-deck), pump, repair kit, manual, and bag for carrying and storage. In addition, there is an opportunity to choose and purchase various accessories and additional equipment from a wide range of our own production, such as a removable soft seat in different colors, an under – seat bag, awnings of several types and much more.

The removable dodger, specially designed for boats of this series, is unique – it has a unique shape, in which you immediately recognize the characteristic design features of the “Explorer” series. This awning will protect you from the oncoming wind and splashes at speed and will provide the vessel with the necessary aerodynamics.


Boats of the “Explorer” series from KOLIBRI are a successful combination of aesthetics, dynamics and reliability. They have optimal dimensions with high engine power, which makes them quite compact and at the same time capacious and functional.

It is an ideal choice for family trips on rivers and lakes, and with minimal excitement – for short sea trips.

Thanks to high production standards and innovative solutions, these boats will become your faithful companion in water adventures and provide the highest level of pleasure for recreation on the water.

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