Due to its narrow long shape, inflatable canoes are characterized by high flotation in shallow water, excellent stability, high loading capacity and lightweight.

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The difference between a kayak and a canoe is the oar. A canoe paddle has one paddle-shaped blade. A kayak paddle has two blades at opposite ends. In a kayak, the passenger sits in the middle of the hull below the water level, and in a canoe, the passenger sits in the open hull on the seat.

The choice of model depends on your preferences. Canoes are great for recreation, travel, extreme sports, fishing or hunting. They are well suited for long crossings in open water.

An inflatable canoe is a maneuverable and easy-to-manage inflatable boat. KOLIBRI canoe line includes three models. These models differ only in length, all other equipment is similar.

Inflatable canoes with a transom for a motor are compact in transportation and storage, they are in no way inferior to ordinary inflatable rowing or motor boats, and in some cases surpass them in terms of driving qualities.

Due to their narrow and long shape, KOLIBRI inflatable canoes are characterized by high passability in shallow water, excellent stability, high load capacity and light weight.

KOLIBRI Inflatable canoes

The KOLIBRI brand presents best inflatable canoes that impress with their quality and versatility. These inflatable canoes are the embodiment of an innovative approach and the highest quality standards.

Models of the KOLIBRI inflatable canoes

The uniqueness of the KOLIBRI brand is manifested in the variety of models of inflatable canoes. The “Travel” series includes three models – KM-330C, KM-390C and KM-460C. Each inflatable boat model is designed with different user needs in mind.

All models of best inflatable canoes have high buoyancy thanks to four separate chambers in the tubes, over pressure valves guarantee optimal pressure.

Sliding seats will help you to be more comfortable in the spacious cockpit of the KOLIBRI canoe.

Technical characteristics of the KOLIBRI inflatable canoes

The technical characteristics of the KOLIBRI canoe speak for themselves. The use of strong five-layer PVC fabric with a density of 950 g/m² guarantees high reliability and safety. The lightness and compactness of the inflatable canoes make them ideal for use in a variety of conditions.

The length of these canoe models ranges from 330 cm to 460 cm with a width of 104 cm.

Cockpit dimensions – from 267 cm to 397 cm with a width of 40 cm.

Course stabilizers will come in handy at speed, and a motor with a capacity of 4 to 8 hp. will hold securely on the stationary transom of these inflatable canoes. The small weight of the kit and special handles will help to easily carry these surprisingly load-bearing inflatable boats .

Advices for choosing an inflatable canoe

Before choosing an inflatable canoe from KOLIBRI company, it is important to determine your needs and the conditions for using the watercraft. Consider different models based on your own preferences and plans.

Advantages of an inflatable canoe produced by KOLIBRI BMC

● Versatility of use in various conditions.

● High buoyancy and stability in different conditions.

● Ease of assembly and transportation.

Choose inflatable canoes from KOLIBRI and enjoy a comfortable and exciting water vacation!

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