Due to its narrow long shape, inflatable canoes are characterized by high flotation in shallow water, excellent stability, high loading capacity and lightweight.

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Inflatable canoes of the “Travel” series from the manufacturer KOLIBRI

This model was developed by KOLIBRI BMC specifically for fishing and hunting in narrow waterways, marshy places and grassy shallow waters, where it is very difficult to reach with an ordinary inflatable boat. These canoes also perform well on turbulent rivers and can be used as inflatable whitewater canoe.

An inflatable canoe is a maneuverable and easy-to-manage inflatable boat. The Kolibri canoe line includes three models of different lengths. These models differ only in length, all other equipment is similar. The inflatable canoe is equipped with seats that can be moved along the entire length of the balloons, a stationary transom under the motor, and convenient carrying handles. Course stabilizers and a protective beam are installed in the basic configuration of the canoe.

Inflatable canoes “Kolibri” are presented in two colors: green and light gray. The manufacturer offers three options of payols to choose from: slan-mat, slan-book, air-deck.

Inflatable “Kolibri” canoes will be able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers who need to operate the watercraft in the most inaccessible places! Its really the best inflatable canoe for family.

Models of inflatable canoes “Kolibri”

Canoe KM-330C – the production of inflatable motor canoes “Kolibri” begins with this inflatable 2 man canoe model. The hull of the boat has a narrow elongated shape with a streamlined bow and rounded ends of the cylinders. KM-330S is a 2 person inflatable canoe, compact and light vessel that has high buoyancy, low draft and a large carrying capacity.

Canoe KM-390C is a 3 person inflatable canoe, compact and light vessel with good buoyancy, low draft and a large carrying capacity. This 3 man inflatable canoe is your most optimal choice for most purposes for travel and recreation on the water. This inflatable canoe 3 person can be additionally completed with a slatted laminated deck, folding flooring or air-deck – actually, like other models of this model range.

Canoe KM-460C is an inflatable 4 person canoe, compact and light vessel that has high buoyancy, low draft and a large carrying capacity.

Kolibri canoes of this model are made of durable and cut-resistant five-layer PVC fabric with a density of 950 g/m². In addition, there is also a wide selection of accessories and equipment of our own production.

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