KOLIBRI inflatable float board boat (Belly) «Fisherman» series for fly fishing and fishing can become Your indispensable assistant during a trip.

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Is a one-person miniature inflatable boat that resembles a lifebuoy or a floating chair. These boats are also sometimes called “Float Tube” or “Floating Horseshoe” – all this is due to the unusual shape of their hull.

A float board boat is an inflatable horseshoe-shaped boat that resembles a chair, where the passenger is placed with his back to the direction of travel. The peculiarity of such a boat is the fact that the passenger is in water either up to his waist or his legs up to his knees.

The main advantages of the Belly Boat include its compactness, convenience for fishing and silent movement.

Shipbuilding company KOLIBRI provides a three-year warranty on tubes and seams of inflatable boats and a one-year warranty on fittings and accessories.

The tubes of this board boat are made of strong five-layer PVC fabric with a density of 850 g/m2.

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