KOLIBRI inflatable float board boat (Belly) «Fisherman» series for fly fishing and fishing can become Your indispensable assistant during a trip.

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Is a one-person miniature inflatable boat that resembles a lifebuoy or a floating chair. These boats are also sometimes called “Float Tube” or “Floating Horseshoe” – all this is due to the unusual shape of their hull.

A float board boat is an inflatable horseshoe-shaped boat that resembles a chair, where the passenger is placed with his back to the direction of travel. The peculiarity of such a boat is the fact that the passenger is in water either up to his waist or his legs up to his knees.

The main advantages of the Belly Boat include its compactness, convenience for fishing and silent movement.

Shipbuilding company KOLIBRI provides a three-year warranty on tubes and seams of inflatable boats and a one-year warranty on fittings and accessories.

The tubes of this board boat are made of strong five-layer PVC fabric with a density of 850 g/m2.

What is an inflatable float board boat from KOLIBRI manufacturer in the USA

There are boats that do not resemble any other familiar models of watercraft. Not only that, they are not even formally considered as watercraft. They have many different names and quite an interesting history. They are Belly Boat, Float Tube, Floating Horseshoe, Floating Chair or simply a raft inflatable boat.

The purpose of this type of boat is solo fishing. The fisherman is at the level of the water surface, it gives inexpressible sensations of merging with nature, and also dictates certain conditions in the choice of length and flexibility of the rod. The raft boat is propelled, steered, and held in place while fishing – by the feet, often in fins. Some models include small oars with wefts and even motors. On board, there are places for attaching rods, tackle bags and equipment. The use of thermal underwear, boots or waders is mandatory.

KOLIBRI inflatable raft boats – float board boat come in different types

  • ROUND. The classic “belly-boat” is round in shape, resembling a lifebuoy. The fisherman is in the water up to his waist, he “hangs” strapped in like a float.
  • U-BOAT. The most comfortable of all. This floating chair is U-shaped, the passenger sits in it with his/her legs dipped knee-deep in the water.
  • V-BOAT. It has a pointed bow part, which makes it move more easily than the preceding models.
  • CATAMARAN. This type can be referred to Float Tubes, structurally these “floating chairs” differ from the classic, there are models where you can stand on your feet. The tubes have a flattened shape, which makes the raft inflatable boat more stable.

Inflatable rafts boats from KOLIBRI

The leading Ukrainian manufacturer of inflatable SC KOLIBRI offers you its own unique development – fishing raft with V-shaped hull. This is an interesting and promising type of individual equipment for fishing, quickly gaining popularity. The KOLIBRI inflatable boat raft will certainly find its fans among those who prefer fly fishing. The super-compactness of this raft and its convenience will give a lot of advantages for exciting and incomparable fishing “from the surface of the water”.

Fisherman series raft boat

Fisherman model it is not simple raw boat, it is a chair-shaped inflatable raft boat with a “V” hull, which improves hydrodynamics when travelling. The passenger sits with his/her back to the direction of movement and his/her legs are knee-deep in water. This model is equipped with an inflatable floorboard and inflatable air-deck seat, oars on the oar locks, on-board bags for equipment.

  • load capacity 200kg with a kit weight of 15.5kg
  • dimensions 178×112 cm
  • diameter of the inflatable tube – 32 cm, it has two compartments
  • packing size 85x45x30 cm

Advantages of the raft boat from the manufacturer Kolibri

This raft is made of five-layer PVC fabric with density of 850 g/m2 in different colours (green, dark grey, black) and boat accessories. The kit also includes a pump, repair kit, nets, on-board bags organisers, carrying straps. You can buy Fisherman raft boat in KOLIBRI dealer network both in Ukraine and abroad. Any dealer will advise you on the supply of raft boats in bulk, to choose some bimini tops, you will be pleasantly surprised by the price.

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