RIB of theWING LITE Series

RIB boats of the Wing Lite series are light, durable, high-speed boats, used both for recreation and water travel, and as tenders for yachts.
Standard equipment
  • Inflatable tube with handles and rubbing strake
  • Fiberglass hull of medium keel
  • Drainage system
  • Anti-slip deck surface
  • Towing eyes (rim clamp)
  • Aluminum seats
  • Overpressure valve
  • Oar (2 pcs)
  • Foot pump, repair kit, manual
  • Bow locker soft cushion (W360LT, W390LT, W430LT)
  • Reinforced transom (W360LT, W390LT, W430LT)
  • The hose is corrugated in the inter-deck space for the installation of communications (W390LT, W430LT)
Optional equipment
  • Jockey-type steering console (W270LT, W290LT, W310LT)
  • Steering console with the locker, seat, soft cushion, windshield, and handrail (W360LT, W390LT, W430LT)
  • 2-seater sofa with the locker and set of soft cushions (W360LT, W390LT, W430LT)
  • Fiberglass cones (W360LT, W390LT, W430LT)
  • Electric package (W360LT, W390LT, W430LT)
  • Built-in fuel system (W390LT, W430LT)
  • Bow step plate with the bollard and roller (W430LT)
  • Bow step plate with the bollard (W270LT, W290LT, W310LT, W360LT, W390LT)
  • Mechanical steering system
  • Steerind wheel
  • Keel and tubes protector
  • Rowlocks (2 pcs)
  • Bimini Top, portable
  • Cover for the boat and steering console
Color solution
dark gray
dark gray
light gray
light gray
dark gray
light gray
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