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Since 1995, the KOLIBRI Boat Manufacturing Company is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer and one of the strongest manufacturers of small crafts in Europe.

KOLIBRI trade mark represents crafts and equipment for fishing, hunting and recreation on the water.


The production process and products manufactured at the KOLIBRI Boat Manufacturing Company (KOLIBRI BMC) are certified and controlled by the Shipping Register of Ukraine.

Boats manufacturer – KOLIBRI BMC is the only manufacturer of small boats in Ukraine with its own production facilities manufacturing almost all parts, accessories and optional equipment for inflatable boats.

We use hi-tech technology in the industry to achieve the highest level of quality.

Team and values

The KOLIBRI team is a close-knit, friendly group of like-minded people with skilled, young and energetic people.

Official site of KOLIBRI inflatable boats in the USA

Ukrainian company KOLIBRI is a manufacturer of inflatable boats made of PVC material. KOLIBRI Shipbuilding Company includes its own Design Bureau and a modern shipyard with a total capacity of more than 40 000 boats per year. SC KOLIBRI is the only manufacturer of small boats in Ukraine, which produces at its own enterprises almost all fittings, accessories, bimini tops and additional equipment .

KOLIBRI trade mark is boats and equipment for fishing, hunting and recreation on water. KOLIBRI inflatable fishing boats is a brand that is known not only in Ukraine and the USA, but also in countries near and far abroad.

Model range of boats from manufacturer KOLIBRI

The model range of KOLIBRI inflatable boats has more than 40 models. These are rowing boats of «Super Light», «Standard», «Pro» series. Motor boats of «Standard», «Light», «Pro», «DSL», «DXL» series. Canoe of «Travel» series. Float board boat for fly fishing and fishing.

All KOLIBRI boats are made of PVC material, density 850 gr/m2-1100 gr/m2. It is more strong, wear-resistant, durable, resistant to ultraviolet and salt water fabric than rubber, which is a vestige of the past. Row boats are the most popular, and long-loved boats among fishermen from the range of cheap rubber boats. They differ in simplicity of construction, are up to 3 metres long.

«Super Light» series boats are lightweight, compact single-seater boats with a tube diameter of 28 cm. «Standard» series boats are full-size kolibri inflatable boats with a classic shape of a tube and a tube diameter of 34 cm, passenger capacity from one to three people and the possibility of installing a hinged transom. Models K-280CT and K-300CT have a tube diameter of 38 cm. These models can be used on open water bodies at serious waves. «Pro» series boats are sharp-nosed KOLIBRI inflatable boats with passenger capacity of two or three persons.

Motor boats are watercrafts that have a fixed transom. They can be either flat-bottomed or keeled. Flat-bottomed boats include boats of «Standard» series, they have a spacious cockpit, passenger capacity from one to four persons, depending on the model. The difference between the «Light» series and the «Standard» series is that the «Light» series boats are full keel boats with a lightweight folding floorboard sole-book.

«Pro» series boats are classic keel inflatable boats with a plywood or aluminium floorboard, reinforced with aluminium stringers. Smooth outlines and hemispherical stern tubes, excellent performance and seaworthiness, the possibility of installing a powerful motor and transitions to long distances – «DSL» series motor inflatable keelboats – is your choice.

In its flagship series of motor keelboats of «DXL» series KOLIBRI Shipbuilding Company has collected all the latest achievements. A development for 2020, kolibri boats have a modern design, a larger cockpit and a larger load capacity than models of similar size.

KOLIBRI inflatable catamaran of «Sea Cat» series is a lightweight, low drag inflatable boat that provides fast and smooth planning, exceptional stability and fuel economy.

The inflatable canoe is another of the recent developments of KOLIBRI. Canoes of “Travel” series are light, compact inflatable boats with a stationary transom, they have excellent buoyancy, stability and high load capacity.

The float board boat for fly fishing and fishing is a single-seat watercraft. Thanks to its light weight and compact packaging it can become an indispensable assistant on a camping trip.

Advantages of inflatable boats KOLIBRI

All KOLIBRI inflatable boats are designed and built according to the latest technologies of small inflatable boats building. KOLIBRI inflatable boats are made of PVC fabric in different colours. They are welded on High Frequency Welding machines with application of «KOLIBRI» firm logo. They have movable seats, a wide range of accessories and additional equipment of own production.

All motor boats are equipped with overpressure valves, bow roller, have monolithic transom supports, and come with several variants of floorings.

How to become an authorized dealer of the manufacturer KOLIBRI in the USA

KOLIBRI inflatable boats are sold retail and wholesale through dealers. KOLIBRI dealer network includes about three hundred official representatives in more than twenty countries of the world. The sale of goods through the dealer network is one of the directions of development of our company.

We are interested in co-operation with responsible dealers.

  • All our dealers are supported by SC KOLIBRI signing a dealer agreement;
  • The best price/quality ratio;
  • Large assortment of products;
  • Referral of the client to the existing dealer;
  • All necessary documentation;
  • Advertising materials;
  • Participation in joint exhibitions;
  • Constant support and assistance of the technical department in case of questions.

To become a dealer you need to apply for co-operation «info@kolibriboats.com». Dealer prices depend on the volume of your orders. The availability of the service centre provides warranty and post-warranty support, also allows to install additional equipment and boat accessories.

KOLIBRI USA will always help you with any questions.

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