PVC fabric

KOLIBRI inflatable boats are made from a five-layer PVC (polyvinyl chloride) fabric for boats of 850-1100 g/m², produced by leading chemical companies in Germany, France, South Korea.

The close-woven reinforcing layer provides the fabric with high strength and resistance to cuts and punctures. Layers of polyvinyl chloride ensure air and water impermeability. The adhesive gel bonds all layers into a single, highly durable connection.

Due to plasticizing additives, the material becomes elastic, which is important when folding and unfolding a boat, especially at low temperatures. The material is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, salt water, fuel agents, oils and retains its properties at the temperature within the range of -30°С to + 60°С.

Welding by the HFW equipment

The main connections, optional equipment and accessories for the KOLIBRI inflatable boats are welded using HFW units, with the KOLIBRI logo applying. The process procedure is controlled by a computer, and nowadays it is the most advanced method of making multi-layer PVC fabric.

The main advantage of welding is the instantaneous heating of the welded materials over their thickness, which leads to the uniform seam.

The benefit of this technology is the high strength of the weld seam, regardless of the ambient temperature and pressure in the tubes, at the same time the inflatable boat seam retains its elasticity.

Hot air

Production of the KOLIBRI inflatable boats involves hot air welding. The welding machine is equipped with a special thermo-hairdryer, and the welded material drawing and tensioning system.

The layers of this material are drawn through the welding equipment, and hot air is supplied to the layers’ contact points. Under the pressure caused by the rollers and with the air heating, the layers of fabric are pieced together.

This technology allows welding the fabric without creases and folds. The result is heavy-duty, sealed seams, resistant to excessive loads and temperature extremes.

Sealed chambers in tubes

To ensure safe operation of small crafts in accordance with the requirements of the “Rules for Classification and Construction of Small Crafts” (Ukraine, 2015), the international standard ISO/CD 6185 and 2013/53/EU Directive, the tubes of inflatable boats manufactured by KOLIBRI BMC are equipped with partitions separating the boat into 2-5 sealed chambers (depending on the model).

The partitions are made of PVC boat fabric by welding on high frequency welding units and are welded to the boat tubes.

To equalize the pressure in all chambers of the inflatable tube, the partitions are cone-shaped

Gluing and joining of seams

Some of the assembly seams, parts, and accessories on the KOLIBRI inflatable boats are fixed with a two-component industrial adhesive.

The gluing technology using high temperatures and optional equipment, applied at the KOLIBRI BMC ensures strength and reliability of gluing. Technology compliance and high qualification of the personnel ensure the excellent performance of the KOLIBRI inflatable boats.

The seams are made by the “joint-to-joint” method with additional reinforcement.


KOLIBRI BMC uses patented technologies and innovative polymer materials for plastic accessories production.

Convenient system of oarlock has no threaded connection. The oar clamp allows to adjust the length of the oar stick out. The roller has a lock for easy installation, ascent and descent of the rope.

High quality, reliability and modern design meet all customer requirements.

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