Rowing boats

Rowing inflatable boats differ by the simple construction, length up to 3 m. These are the most popular boats, consist of O-shape tube, separated into 2 chambers.

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The main criteria for choosing an inflatable boat: type of boat, dimensions of the boat, passenger capacity, load capacity, design features of the hull.

Inflatable boats are made of modern PVC fabric with a density of 850-1100 g/m2. This is a special polymer material that has high strength, wear resistance and durability.

First pump up the stern, and then the bow part of the boat. If your boat has overpressure valves, the chambers with overpressure valves must be pumped first. As a rule, overpressure valves are installed in the stern of the boat. The keel in the boat is inflated last.

All equipment must first be removed. After that, you need to clean the boat from dirt. Wash the boat with soapy water and dry. Fold the boat correctly and put it in the packing bag. If you have space, the boat can be stored inflated.

Clean, dry and degrease damaged place. Cut out a patch, apply glue to both surfaces and join them by firmly pressing one to the other, smooth with a flat  object and heat with a hair dryer.

Rowing boats wholesale in the USA from the manufacturer KOLIBRI

Ukrainian company KOLIBRI produces a wide range of inflatable row boats. People want to buy PVC fishing row boats because of their versatility and affordable price. They are the most popular among lovers of fishing and recreation on the water. Low weight and compactness allows to transport it to any place.

Models of PVC rowing boats from KOLIBRI in the USA

The «Super Light» series is a lightweight single-seater small row boat. The series is presented in three models (K-190; K-210; K-230) differ in length of cockpit, carrying capacity and weight. The standard equipment of rowing boats includes: lightweight oars, movable seats, handles for carrying from front and back, straps on the sides, pump, spare parts, bag, documents, and the possibility of installing additional boating accessories.

The «Standard» series is full-size rowing single, double and triple boat with the possibility to install a small boat motor on some models. This series is presented in six models (K-220T; K-240T; K-260T; K-280T; K-280CT; K-300CT). The boats have increased tubes diameter and fabric density of 850 gr/m2. The technical equipment includes floorboard, with the possibility to choose the type of it, you can also additionally buy a bimini top, protective canopy, removable soft seats, etc.

The «Pro» series is a full-size two-three-seater rowing foldable inflatable boat, which have the possibility of installing a boat motor up to 3.5 hp. This series consists of three models (K-250T; K-270T; K-290T). A distinctive feature of the boats of this series is a sharp-nosed part. The «Pro» boats have movable seats, full-size oar blades. When buying there is an opportunity to choose the floorboard, as well as to purchase additional boating accessories.

Main features of Kolibri rowing boats

The «Super Light» series boats have: tubes with five-layer PVC fabric with density of 850 gr/m2; welding of main seams on High Frequency Welding equipment; compact oars with improved hydrodynamic characteristics; movable seats.

The «Standard» series boats have: tubes are made of durable five-layer PVC fabric with density of 850 gr/m2; all seams are welded on High Frequency Welding equipment; full-size oar group with improved hydrodynamic characteristics; factory-installed attachment of the hinged transom; three versions of the floor: slatted deck, folding floorboard sole-book, air-deck.

The «Pro» series rowing inflatable boats have: tubes are made of durable five-layer PVC fabric with density of 850 g/m2; weld seams on HFW equipment; full-size oar group with improved hydrodynamic characteristics; movable seats – stepless movement of seats along the side of the boat allows to install seats in the most convenient place for you; installed in the factory conditions attachment of the hinged transom; three versions of the floor: slatted deck, folding floorboard sole-book, air-deck inflatable floorboard.

Who inflatable rowing boats are suitable for

Inflatable rowing boats from KOLIBRI are a great solution for a wide range of people, regardless of their experience in the world of water adventure. These versatile boats are ideal for:

  • Fishermen: KOLIBRI inflatable rowing boats for fishing will be your faithful companions for this hobby. Easy handling, stability and the possibility to mount a motor make them an excellent choice for relaxed fishing on lakes and rivers.
  • Leisure travelers: People who just want to enjoy a water trip will find in inflatable row boats the perfect means of transport. They are compact and easy to transport, allowing to enjoy the holiday on different bodies of water.
  • Adventurers: If you are looking for a dose of adrenaline and want to explore uncharted waterways, inflatable rowing boats provide the perfect opportunity to do so. You can explore the wilderness, visit secluded backwaters and wide channels, see previously inaccessible places and have an unforgettable experience.

Advantages of inflatable rowing boats

Inflatable rowing boats have several distinct advantages that make them popular among outdoor enthusiasts:

  • Portability: One of the main advantages of inflatable rowing boats is that they are compact and lightweight. You can transport them in the boot of your car, carry them easily in a bag or store them on your balcony or in your pantry.
  • Safety: Thanks to their wide side tubes, inflatable rowing boats are highly stable, making them safe to use even for beginners.
  • Variability: The choice of model depends on your needs. From lightweight single-seater boats to larger three-seater models with the option of a motor, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Tips for choosing an inflatable rowing boat

  • Purpose of use: Decide whether you need the boat for fishing, recreation or adventure. This will help you choose the right model.
  • Size and carrying capacity: Consider the number of passengers and the weight of the cargo you plan to carry.
  • Material quality: Check what material the boat is made of. High quality PVC materials guarantee a long life.
  • Equipment and accessories: Consider the basic equipment of the boat, as well as optional equipment such as bimini tops or removable soft seats.

With inflatable rowboats from KOLIBRI, you get a reliable companion for a variety of water adventures. Whatever your needs and experience, these boats provide amazing opportunities to explore the waters and create unforgettable memories. You can buy a KOLIBRI rowing fishing inflatable boat from our extensive dealer network.

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