Rowing boats of theSTANDARD Series

KOLIBRI inflatable rowing boats of the Standard series are full-size inflatable boats for up to three people, with the option of installing an outboard engine.
The increased diameter of the tube of 34 cm (38 cm for K-280CT) and two sealed сhambers in the tubes ensure safety when using the boat in open water.
  • the tubes are made of durable five-layer PVC fabrics with a density of 850 g/m²;
  • the main assembly units are welded using HFW equipment;
  • quick assembling and disassembling of the boat;
  • full-size rowing equipment with oars, with improved hydrodynamic characteristics;
  • factory-installed transom mount;
  • three variants of the floorboard: slatted laminated deck; folding flooring (sole-book); air-deck;
  • wide range of own-produced accessories and optional equipment.
Standard equipment
  • Boat
  • Oars
  • Seat
  • Pump
  • Repair set
  • Manual
  • Bag for boat
Optional equipment
  • S – rubbing strake
  • Floorboard (slatted laminated deck, folding flooring (sole-book), air-deck)
  • Hinged transom
  • UFB (Universal Fixing Block)
  • Removable soft seat
  • Under-seat bag
  • Bow bag
  • Protective canopy
  • Bimini Top
Color solution
dark grey
dark grey
light gray
light gray
dark grey
light gray

STANDARD series rowboat models in the USA

The series of the inflatable rowing boats “Standard” from the Ukrainian manufacturer of inflatable boats KOLIBRI is a refined combination of reliability, safety and possibilities for extended use. Let’s find out why these boats have become popular among amateurs of water adventures.

Advantages of STANDARD series rowing boats

1. Strong base – five-layer PVC

One of the main advantages of “Standard” boats is their strength and reliability. The tubes are made of five-layer PVC fabric with a density of 850 g/m², which guarantees a long service life and high resistance to mechanical influences or the flow of aggressive chemicals, as well as to the action of ultraviolet radiation under the hot summer sun.

2. Safety – two hermetic chambers

The increased safety of using the row boat on open water is achieved thanks to the increased diameter of the tubes to 34 cm (38 cm for the K-280СT, K-300СT model) and the presence of two sealed chambers in the tubes. This makes kolibri boats of the “Standard” series an ideal choice for active recreation for a crew of one to three people on rivers and lakes.

3. Easy assembly and disassembly of the kolibri boats

Quick assembly and disassembly of the boat is another advantage of this series. Travel quickly and effortlessly, enjoying the moment. The weight of the inflatable row boat kit of this series ranges from 12.5 to 30 kilograms, which is quite acceptable for transportation in the trunk of a car. And the first three “Standard” models (K-220T, K-240T, K-260T) can be carried in a backpack.

4. An outboard motor is an additional option of kolibri boats

The installation of a hinged transom makes the Standard series boat ready for use with a 2.5 to 3.5 hp outboard motor, expanding your capabilities on the water. Choose oars for quiet maneuvering in backwaters or a motor for overcoming open water spaces.

5. A variety of floorboards and boat accessories

This series of inflatable rowing boats can be equipped with three types of floorboards: slatted deck, folding flooring sole-book or air-deck inflatable flooring. This allows you to choose the best option for your style of water adventure.

Boats have one (K-220T model) or two sliding seats, which, in turn, can optionally have removable soft seats and special under-seat bag, which adds comfort and saves the internal volume of the cockpit.

KOLIBRI Boat company also offers a wide range of additional boat accessories of its own production for boats of this and other series, for example, a protective canopy or a bimini top.

6. Wide dealer network and support of KOLIBRI company

KOLIBRI, being deservedly recognized as the leading Ukrainian brand, has a dealer network in more than 30 countries, which ensures easy accessibility and maintenance of boats. The company’s technical department will be happy to help you and advise you on all questions.

Disadvantages are minimal and individual

The Standard series has its many advantages, although it is perhaps less suitable for extreme water travel or speed compared to other series. Therefore, you always have a choice and space for imagination, how exactly to implement your plans for a vacation or fishing with friends.

Features of rowing boats of STANDARD series from the manufacturer KOLIBRI

“Standard” is great for:

  • Family vacations:

Convenience, safety and the possibility of installing a motor make three-seater models ideal for your family’s recreation on the water.

  • Short water tourist trips:

Thanks to their compactness and portability, these boats will become faithful companions for light water tours with a small group of friends.

  • Fishing and picnics:

The possibility of installing a motor and the stability of the boat make it ideal for various types of water recreation or fishing.


The series of inflatable rowing boats “Standard” from KOLIBRI is an ideal choice for those who value reliability, safety and extended possibilities of use. Your company will definitely be satisfied. With high-quality materials and careful craftsmanship, as well as the ability to use small motors, these boats are ready to fulfill any idea you have for a weekend water adventure.

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