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Inflatable motor boats represent boats with the stationary transom. They can be as flat-bottomed as with the inflatable keel.

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Rowing boats “Super Light”, “Standard”, “Profi”.
Motor boats “Standard”, “Light”, “Profi”, “Sea Line”, “Explorer”, “Explorer Light”.
“Travel” canoes, “Fisherman” float board boat and “Sea Cat” catamarans.

The transom is a rigid plate, which is used to mount the outboard motor. If you want your rowing boat to turn into a motor boat, you need to install a hinged transom on it or buy an inflatable boat with a stationary transom.

The keel is needed for course stability. Inflatable boats with a keel are less prone to swaying to the sides at speed, that is, the keel stabilizes the direction of the boat.

When choosing an inflatable keelboat or a flat-bottomed boat, personal preferences must be taken into account. Boats with a keel have better maneuverability, controllability, quick access to a speedboat, and greater engine power.

Variants of floorboards for a certain model of the boat may be a decal. There are different types of floorboards – slatted deck, folding flooring (sole-book), hard floorboard (wooden or aluminum) with stringers and inflatable floorboard air-deck.

Inflatable motor boats series from the manufacturer KOLIBRI in the USA

Ukrainian company KOLIBRI sells inflatable motor boats, both retail and wholesale through dealers.

For the production of kolibri motor boats our specialists choose the best technologies, materials and components, and offer the best price/quality ratio.

Inflatable motorized boat of KOLIBRI trade mark is the best means for recreation on the water. It is suitable for absolutely any water body and is an ideal option for fishing, hunting or tourism. The use of an outboard motor makes the boat fast and allows to sail long distances. Now your weekends will be much more fun, because with a rubber dinghy boat with, fishing and hunting will become your favourite types of recreation. KOLIBRI offers a wide range of boat accessories and additional equipment of its own production for KOLIBRI motor boats.

KOLIBRI inflatable motor boats series

The «Standard» series (KM-200; KM-245; KM-260; KM-280; KM-300;KM-330) is a flat-bottomed boat with a fixed transom, adjustable movable seats.

The «Light» series (KM-280DL; KM-300DL; KM-330DL) is a lightweight keel boat with enlarged cockpit, passenger capacity up to four people. Lightness of the series is achieved due to lighter hull material and floorboard.

The «Pro» series (KM-245D; КМ-260D; KM-280D; КМ-300D; KM-330D; KM-360D) is a full-size keelboat with a classical shape of a tube.

The «Sea Line» series (KM-330DSL; KM-360DSL; KM-400DSL; KM-450DSL) is a keel boat, which has the best sailing and seaworthy qualities.

The «Explorer» series (KM-270DXL; KM-300DXL; KM-330DXL; KM-360DXL) is a keel boat of «DXL» series with modern design, larger cockpit, improved seaworthiness, stability and high load capacity. An excellent choice for family holidays and professional use.

What makes PVC motor boats KOLIBRI stand out?

All kolibri boats of «Standard» series have: five-layer PVC fabric with density of 950 gr/m2; all seams are welded on HFW equipment; transom is made of high quality, moisture-resistant, laminated plywood; boats have overpressure valves – to release excess pressure in tubes.

Inflatable motor boats of «Light» series have: five-layer PVC fabric with density of 950 gr/m2; low weight of the set; enlarged cockpit.

Motor boats of «Pro» series have: five-layer PVC fabric with density of 950-1100 g/m2; two variants of floorboards with stringers – plywood or aluminium.

Motor inflatable boats of «DSL» series have: five-layer PVC fabric with density of 1100 g/m2; two versions of floorboards with plywood or aluminium stringers; the keel is protected by a 12 cm rubbing strake.

Motor boats of «Explorer» series have: five-layer PVC fabric with density of 1100 gr/m2; two versions of a floorboards – aluminium with stringers or air-deck; the keel is protected by a 12 cm rubbing strake;

Motor boats wholesale from KOLIBRI

Ukrainian company KOLIBRI sells pvc inflatable motor boats in retail, as well as wholesale. Kolibri is interested in the development of dealer network. To get the dealer status you need to apply for co-operation «».

Also the official dealer of KOLIBRI can buy motor boats in bulk.

How to choose a motor boat

When choosing an inflatable motor boat, it is worth paying attention to several key points. It is important to decide on the purpose of using the boat – for fishing, hunting, tourism or family outings. Take into account the size of water bodies, the number of passengers and luggage weight, engine power, climate, season and weather. KOLIBRI’s range of inflatable motor boats offers a variety of options to meet your needs.

Inflatable motor boat equipment

KOLIBRI boats are equipped with everything you need for a safe and comfortable holiday. Every inflatable motor boat comes complete with basic equipment including rowing boats oars, pump, repair set, bag, documents and the possibility to install additional accessories. This allows you to go straight out on the water and enjoy the adventure.

Advantages of KOLIBRI inflatable motor boats

Inflatable motor boats from KOLIBRI combine many advantages. They offer reliability, manoeuvrability and speed with traditionally high quality. An inflatable motor boat allows you to cross the water quickly, and with a keel and sufficient motor power you will feel the wind in your hair and a great feeling of speed on the glide path. These boats are easy to transport, mount and store, making them the perfect companion for outdoor activities and water travel.

Don’t miss your chance to buy a KOLIBRI inflatable motorboat and discover the world of water adventures. Make your choice today and enjoy freedom on the water.

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