Rowing boats of thePROFI Series

KOLIBRI inflatable rowing boats of the Profi series are full-size inflatable boats for up to three people, with the option of installing an outboard engine.
The increased diameter of the tube of 34 cm and two sealed chambers in the tubes ensure safety when using the boat in open water.
  • the tubes are made of durable five-layer PVC fabrics with a density of 850 g/m²;
  • all seams are made using HFW equipment;
  • quick assembling and disassembling of the boat;
  • full-size rowing equipment with oars, with improved hydrodynamic characteristics;
  • sliding seat – stepless variable positioning along the boards of the boat allows installing the seat in the most convenient place for you;
  • factory-installed transom mount;
  • three variants of the floorboard: slatted laminated deck; folding flooring (sole-book); air-deck;
  • a wide range of own-produced accessories and optional equipment.
Standard equipment
  • Boat
  • Oars
  • Seat
  • Pump
  • Repair set
  • Manual
  • Bag for boat
Optional equipment
  • S – rubbing strake
  • Floorboard (slatted laminated deck, folding flooring (sole-book), air-deck)
  • Hinged transom
  • UFB (Universal Fixing Block)
  • Removable soft seat
  • Under-seat bag
  • Bow bag
  • Protective canopy
  • Bimini top
Color solution
dark grey
dark grey
light grey
light grey
dark grey
light grey

Rowing boats series PROFI from the manufacturer KOLIBRI in USA

Inflatable row boats of the PROFI series from the Ukrainian brand KOLIBRI are a great choice for those looking for a good combination of reliability, functionality and affordability. Because of the large diameter of the tubes, hermetic compartments and the possibility of installing an outboard motor, these boats become your reliable companion in the world of water adventures. These are the largest and most advanced kolibri boats.

Advantage of rowing boats of the PROFI series from the manufacturer KOLIBRI

  • Sharp nose design:Thanks to a well-thought-out design with a sharp nose, PROFI series boats have a high level of hydrodynamics and allow you to explore even hard-to-reach places.
  • The possibility of installing a motor:The PROFI series, thanks to the mounting of the hinged transom installed in the factory, is equipped with the possibility of installing an outboard boat motor up to 3.5 hp, which makes them multipurpose and allows you to move quickly enough in open water spaces.
  • Safety:

The increased diameter of the tubes, two hermetic compartments, in them and the welding of all seams on Welding equipment guarantee safety on open water, making these boats reliable and optimal for various water activities.

  • Full-size cockpit and movable seats:With a sufficiently spacious cockpit and movable seats, PROFI boats provide maximum comfort and flexibility in use.
  • Wide range of boating accessories:Choose from three options of floorboards – slatted deck, folding flooring sole-book or air-deck. With floorboard, the boat acquires improved driving and operational characteristics. There is also a large selection of accessories manufactured by KOLIBRI, thanks to which you will have a rowing boat – the embodiment of your dreams.

Weaknesses: quality and risk assessment

Despite the significant benefits, it is important to be aware of some aspects

  • No inflatable keelThis somewhat limits the dynamics when maneuvering at speed while driving with the engine. But KOLIBRI inflatable rowing boats are primarily flat-bottomed, but they have more stability during parking than their keel motor counterparts
  • Not for severe conditionsEven with all their reliability and safety features, the boats of the PROFI series are not suitable for excessively extreme conditions, strong currents, high waves or the use of excessively powerful motors.

Models of rowing boats PROFI from the manufacturer KOLIBRI

PROFI series KOLIBRI inflatable boats are ideal for:

  • Fishing:

With the possibility of installing a motor, they become effective for fishing in open water. It is possible to swim quite far to your favorite places.

  • Travel and recreation on the water:

Thanks to their compactness and lightness, the boats are perfect for traveling and relaxing on the water for two or three.

  • Water adventures:

If you are looking for adrenaline and want to explore new water routes, the PROFI boats are ready to help you on a short but unforgettable journey on rivers or lakes.

Conclusion about manufacturing of rowing boats of PROFI series

The series of inflatable rowing boats PROFI from KOLIBRI is the gold standard in the world

of inflatable row boats. With their advantages, light weight and affordable price, they

become the optimal choice for a wide range of water adventure enthusiasts. Enjoy the

world of water fun and travel with reliable kolibri boats!

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