CatamaransSEA CAT series

The innovative design of the open bow of the boat simplifies the boarding of passengers and cargo from the shore and provides easy and comfortable entry and exit from the water.
  • low mass of the set;
  • quick installation and launching;
  • strong and cut-resistant five-layer PVC fabric with a density of 1100 g/m²;
  • welding of all nodes on Hot Air equipment;
  • reinforcement of the tube lines with a protective strake 120 mm;
  • improved floorboard air-deck;
  • transom – made of high quality, moisture-resistant laminated plywood;
  • overpressure valves – to release excess in tubes;
  • sliding benches – stepless movement of benches along the side of the boat allows you to install the seat in the most convenient place for you;
  • oar group with improved hydrodynamic characteristics;
  • monolithic transom mounting supports are several times stronger and more reliable than traditional mounting using PVC tapes.
Standard equipment
  • Boat
  • Oars
  • Bench
  • Pump
  • Floorboard air-deck
  • High pressure pump for the air-deck
  • Repair set
  • Manual
  • Bags for boat and floorboard
Optional equipment
  • Removable soft seat
  • Under-seat bag
  • Bimini Top
  • UFB (Universal fixing block)
Color solution

Sea Cat catamarans from the manufacturer at KOLIBRI USA

Sea cat catamarans have always been recognized as extremely reliable boats for travel and recreation on the water. Our company kolibri goes beyond the tradition of manufacturing inflatable boats and their motor catamarans of the series sea cat and moving to a new level of water activities.

Advantages of Sea Cat catamarans from the manufacturer at KOLIBRI


  • Boat variety: sea cat catamarans for sale are ideal for family vacations and fishing. They are easy and maneuverable, giving you the ability to enjoy the water in any format.
  • Safety and controllability: Because of two parallel tubes, a stationary transom and the Air-deck system, the sea cat catamaran is extremely stable and reliable. The local cockpit ensures comfortable seating for the crew and ventilation, and the design features reduce vibration, ensuring safe and easy passage through water and even through shallow water.
  • The boat economical type: You can easily equip the catamaran with motors up to 20 hp, which makes it easy to navigate the vessel. Due to the characteristic design of the hull, catamarans are planned above the surface of the water, which changes the support and saves fuel.
  • Technologies: kolibri company uses in their production advanced design and production technologies, guaranteeing high efficiency and triviality of operation of its crafts, which is what catamarans are used for in the world today and in the Sea Cat series.


Sometimes it’s hard enough to find fault with almost perfect things, but for the sake of objectivity, we’ll try.

  • Speed of the catamaran is low: Compared to keelboats of kolibri, catamarans can have limited speed – this is explained by the peculiarity of the catamaran hull.
  • Prices: The high quality and advanced manufacturing techniques can affect the price, making it slightly higher than the price of a normal inflatable motorboat, which is understandable. Obviously, a double-hull catamaran will cost more than a mono-hull watercraft, the advantages have their price, and this can be called a disadvantage.

Technical specifications of Sea Cat inflatable catamarans

Design features:

Sea cat inflatable catamarans have two parallel inflatable float tubes, which are connected by a stationary transom and a strong PVC bottom. Additional stability and convenience adds the built-in “Air-deck” system.


Sea Cat catamarans series are designed for various purposes – from a leisurely family cruise to active fishing. Their use is effective both in small water bodies and in the open sea.

Sea Cat inflatable catamaran models

Models and sizes: Catamarans of Sea Cat series have a length of 3 to 4.2 meters with a load capacity of 367 to 715 kg – the choice depends on your needs.
● Engine: Inflatable catamarans can be equipped with engines with power from 9.9 to 20 hp, which guarantees efficient movement.

● Boat accessories: the set includes a catamaran, seats, oars, a pump, an air-deck floorboard (with its own pump), a repair kit, a bag for transportation and storage. Optional equipment is limited only by your imagination and the wide range of kolibri accessories for Sea Cat catamarans.

Reviews and Recommendations

Out of all the variety of kolibri boats, Sea Cat series catamarans are a good choice for those who appreciate comfort, safety and the latest technology. According to positive feedback from users, these vessels are becoming a real key to the world of water adventures.

Final thoughts

Inflatable catamarans of kolibri company are safety and sophisticate in one elegant double hull. If you plan a family rest, fishing or traveling, these boats are ready to provide you with an unforgettable experience, comfort and safety. Choose kolibri inflatable catamarans – choose the world of water adventures!

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