KOLIBRI’s range of PVC boat accessories in the USA

Boat accessories are various equipment that provide additional comfort and safety for passengers, improve the performance of rowing, motor boats and inflatable canoes.

What are boating accessories

Fishing boat accessories are made of different materials, types, sizes and colours for the wide range of kolibri inflatable boats. These include inflatables made of PVC fabric, sewing products made of other fabrics, as well as plywood and aluminium accessories.

Why do you need accessories for PVC boats

Inflatable boat accessories are divided into basic, without which it is impossible to operate the watercraft, and additional, providing comfort and improving the performance of the boat, increasing its functionality.

Can covers

They refer to sewing products. They are special removable soft seats on plywood cans (seats), which make it comfortable to stay in the boat for a long time. They are available in different sizes and colours – for certain models of inflatable boats. There are also bow triangular covers for XL inflatable boat with possible motor installation.

Handbags under the jar (under-seat bags)

These sewing products are handy original bags that are attached under the seats (cans) in an inflatable boat. They allow you to optimally use the internal space of the cockpit, saving the useful volume of the inflatable boat. They are available in three sizes and four colours, depending on the model of the KOLIBRI boat. There are also bow handbags.

Safety vests

The name of this garment speaks for itself. It is a necessary, best boating accessory for safety, convenient and functional. It is available in three types, and each type is available in different sizes and colours.

Hats and T-shirts

Do you want to be stylish and modern on a water trip with some small boat accessories or just on the streets of the city? For you – polo shirts and baseball hats, sizes from S to XXXL, in grey with orange inserts and KOLIBRI logo.

Tents and awnings

SC KOLIBRI offers its customers unique pontoon boat accessories – removable dodgers, bimini tops, protective canopies – all this pvc boat accessories will make your ordinary inflatable boat a real boat with a cabin.

Bags and cases

Bags for carrying and storing inflatable boats are a must-have accessory included in every kit when buying any KOLIBRI boat. Additionally you can buy covers for transporting the boats when inflated.

You will also be interested in KOLIBRI’s collection of bags – beach and travelling bags, special bags for floors and bag for inflatable chair.


This type of inflatable pontoon boat accessory is a rigid decking on the bottom of the boat that adds stability and improves performance. They can be plywood (several types), aluminium and inflatable – high-pressure, made of PVC fabric.

SC KOLIBRI offers a huge number of other pontoon boat fishing accessories for inflatable boats of its production, which are used for tuning, fishing, moving the boat to the water and for many other purposes. These are oars, transoms for motor installation, cans, pumps, transom wheels, mounts for fishing rods and navigators, echo sounders and batteries, under-seat bags for things, repair kits and much more.

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