Types and features of kolibri sewing products

Inflatable kolibri boats have long won their place among amateurs of water travel. Is there anything can make your boat even more comfortable and functional? Yes, it is —your boat will be “pumped” with high-quality branded sewing products of our own production, which were developed by our specialists specifically for the kolibri inflatables.

The kolibri sewing area gives us the opportunity to offer our customers a wide range of boating accessories that will provide you and your passengers with comfort and safety during your rest. The standard kolibri sewing accessories

Storage boat bags: Reliability and convenience

There is a bag among the standard sewing accessories, we should highlight the bean bags for boats in which our boats are stored and transported. These bags are sized and shaped for a specific boat bags models and come standard with purchase.

Optional kolibri sewing accessories

As for optional kolibri sewing boating accessories, here the choice is limited only by your imagination and wildest imagination.

Pontoon boat awnings: Protection and comfort in any weather

Bow awning, sun shades and protective tent turn an ordinary inflatable boat into a real boat with a cabin. They do not only provide protection from the weather, but also make your boat ideal for hiking or parking in even the most extreme conditions. Kolibri company uses Ripstop fabric in the production of its awning for inflatable boat with motor boat. The advantages of Ripstop are increased strength, as damage is mechanically limited to a single frame. Thanks to reinforced threads, small cuts cannot spread freely on such a fabric for a transport awning.

Kolibri safety vests in the USA

Designed to ensure your safety, safety vests for boats are an integral part of your water gear. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors, and each type is manufactured with high safety standards in mind. There are three types of our vests for adults, as well as a children’s safety vest.

Сan liner: Comfort in every maneuver

These removable soft benches on the plywood seats not only add comfort, but also increase the length of your stay in the boat. They soften the impact when gliding at speed, and they are also just nice to sit on or even lie on while parking. All characteristics of the customers are taken into account.

Jar bags: Saving space, ease of use

If you are looking for an effective way to use the interior space of the cockpit and save useful volume, jar seat bags are your choice. These convenient bags, which are attached under the seats, not only allow you to optimally organize your belongings, but also preserve the aesthetics of the boat.

Bags for plywood and aluminum sails: Keep your floorboard in pristine condition

The kolibri storage bag for different kind of sail is an accessory that is not included with the purchase of a kolibri row and motor boats, but that does not mean that you should not pay attention to it. Such folding sling bag for the floorboards are available for all types of our floorings (folding flooring (sole-book), plywood and aluminum floorboards) and are produced in four sizes in dark gray color.

Bags for travel and leisure:

The kolibri beach bag is indispensable during a picnic. Its size is 33x38x13 cm, its color is orange with blue inserts.

Travel bag Kolibri is comfortable and roomy and ideal for tourism and water trips.

A shoulder bag is an irreplaceable travel assistant, suitable for carrying a small row boat or a large amount of personal belongings. It has a large compartment and many pockets.

The bag-case is functional and practical, suitable both for storing ordinary things (phone, tablet, etc.) and for traveling.

Thermal bag for storing the temperature regime. Thanks to the special fasteners, you can easily place it on the tube of the boat or on another surface.

● Also an important sewing accessory Kolibri inflatable chair bag, which has a shoulder strap, and its color is dark gray color.

For anglers-drivers: Safe transportation of your gear

Everyone knows how difficult and inconvenient it is to transport spinning rods or fishing rods in a car. Not everyone has a trunk on the roof of a car or an elongated station wagon body. There is a solution – our convenient Spinning rod holder for car Kolibri, which is attached to the headrests of the front seats of the car and is placed in the form of pockets in the back on the backs of these seats. Spinnings are fixed in pockets horizontally. The size of the holder when assembled is minimal: 40×19 cm, color – black.

Kolibri T-shirts and caps: Style and comfort on the water

Polo shirts and baseball caps, sizes S to XXXL, with the kolibri logo, add style and modernity. They do not only protect from the sun, but they also make your boat’s crew look great on the water and on land.


From the belly boat float chair to a large inflatable catamaran boat, kolibri inflatable boat company not only provides you with a reliable and high-quality recreational crafts, but also opens up an endless world of additional possibilities with its wide range of boat sewing accessories. Choose quality, convenience, style and safety – choose kolibri company for your dream, magical water expedition.

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