Removable soft seat

SKU: 31.007
black (32)**, light grey (34), orange (37), blue (44)
Article Size, cm Boat
31.007.** 65х20 К-190, К-210, К-230
31.011.** 70х20 К-220Т, К-240Т, К-260Т, К-280Т,
К-250Т, К-270Т, К-290Т
31.008.** 76х20 К-280СТ, КМ-200, КМ-245(D),
КМ-260(D), КМ-280(D)
31.009.** 83х20 KM-300(D), KM-330(D), KM-360D,
KM-280DL, KM-300DL, KM-330DL,
KM-330DSL, KM-360DSL
31.010.** 102х25 KM-400DSL, KM-450DSL
31.012.** 102х25 КМ-270DXL, KM-300DXL,
KM-330DXL, KM-360DXL

** – two last numbers in the Article code is the code of the color

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