Rowing boats of theSUPER LIGHT Series

KOLIBRI inflatable rowing boats of the Super Light series are lightweight space-efficient, single-seater boats. Due to the classic shape of the body and sliding seats, one person can conveniently install oneself with a small amount of luggage for a long time.
  • the tubes are made of five-layer PVC fabrics with a density of 850 g/m²;
  • the main assembly units are welded using HFW equipment;
  • low weight and small size when folded for transporting;
  • quick assembling and disassembling of the boat;
  • lightweight parts;
  • lightweight oars;
  • sliding seat – stepless variable positioning along the boards of the boat allows installing the seat in the most convenient place for you;
Standard equipment
  • Boat
  • Oars
  • Seat
  • Pump
  • Repair set
  • Manual
  • Bag for boat
Optional equipment
  • Floorboard (slatted laminated deck)
  • UFB (Universal Fixing Block)
Color solution

KOLIBRI “Super Light” inflatable rowing boats: lightness and reliability on the water

The “Super Light” series from the Ukrainian manufacturer of inflatable boats KOLIBRI is the embodiment of lightness, portability and high quality. Forget about the complexity and difficulty of transporting large boats – these single-person boats set out on a journey easily and efficiently.

Advantages of the “Super Light” series

1. Lightness and compactness

Boats of the “Super Light” series are created for those who value mobility. With their extreme lightness and compactness, you can easily carry them in the trunk of a car or even in a backpack.

2. Five-layer PVC – a guarantee of strength

“Super Light” is based on the use of five-layer PVC with a density of 850 g/m². This ensures high strength and resistance of the boat to mechanical damage, making it a reliable companion on any adventure trip or while fishing.

3. Low price – high quality

“Super Light” is not only lightness and portability, but also affordability. The low price of these boats does not affect their quality, thanks to the use of advanced technologies and efficient production.

4. Warranty and post-warranty support

KOLIBRI equips its boats not only with high standards, but also with a manufacturer’s warranty. Having provided a clear warranty policy, the company also provides post-warranty support, which makes your choice even more confident.

Disadvantages are minimal

Given its lightness and portability, the “Super Light” may not be as great on big water or in rough weather. However, it is more a matter of adaptation to specific needs.

Scope of use

These boats are ideal for:

  • Peaceful fishing:

Ease of management and small size make them ideal for fishing on small bodies of water.

  • Solo travel:

For those who like solitude on the water, “Super Light” is a great choice.

  • Water adventures:

If you like exploring waterways, watching wildlife or photo-hunting – these boats will become your faithful companions.

Final thoughts

The “Super Light” series from KOLIBRI is not just a boat, it is the key to new water experiences. Their advantages in lightness, quality and affordability make them an excellent choice for anyone who values ​​freedom of movement and reliability on the water. Thanks to their unique characteristics, the boats of the “Super Light” series will not only help you move through water bodies – they will open up a new world of impressions from unique landscapes for you. Treat yourself to the joy of rest from the hustle and bustle of the city, seclusion in nature in such a small and comfortable boat.

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