“Superlight” series of “KOLIBRI” rowing boats model line begins from the inflatable boat K-190. “KOLIBRI” K-190 is a single-seater inflatable boat that has low weight and small dimensions in assembled form.

Length overall, cm 190
Length internal, cm 134
Width overall, cm 105
Width internal, cm 49
Balloon fabric 850 g/m² PVC
Tube diameter, cm 28
No of chambers, pcs 2
Loading capacity, kg 100
Passengers capacity 1
Set weight, kg 10,9
Dimension of package, cm 74х35х30
Boat design category (CE) D
Scheme of chambers
Scheme of chambers
1-2 sequence of inflating the chambers of the boat
Two airtight compartments in chambers
Nominal pressure in chambers 0,25 bar
Payol options
complete set
Inflatable rowing boat "KOLIBRI" K-190 comes without payol. Additionally, you can install a slatted laminated deck.
With the installed bottom deck, the inflatable boat "KOLIBRI" acquires improved running and operational characteristics.
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