Folding flooring (sole-book) for the inflatable motor boats

SKU: 22.0**.**
brown (22)**, light grey (02)**

Folding flooring (sole-book) located along the entire length of a boat, consists of 3 or 5 sections of moisture resistant, film faced plywood (9 mm), glued between each other by PVC tapes.

KOLIBRI inflatable boat acquires improved running and operational characteristics with the folding flooring (sole-book).

Article Boat model
22.009.** КМ-200
22.020.** КM-245
22.010.** КM-260
22.011.** КM-280
22.012.** КM-300
22.013.** КM-330
22.023.22 КМ-330С
22.024.22 КМ-390С
22.025.22 КМ-460С

** – two last numbers in the Article code is the code of the color

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