The wonderful world of KOLIBRI boats

The wonderful world of KOLIBRI boats
Published: 14.11.2023

KOLIBRI company is a well-known Ukrainian manufacturer of inflatable boats, canoes and catamarans, which has deservedly gained popularity among connoisseurs of active recreation on the water.

KOLIBRI manufactures vessels and equipment for traveling and recreation on the water, for fishing and hunting, as well as boats for professional use.

SC KOLIBRI cooperates with state, public and commercial structures.

Our dealer network includes more than three hundred official representatives in more than thirty countries of the world.

In its activities, KOLIBRI adheres to the principles of quality and reliability, thanks to which our boats are recognized as one of the best on the market.



KOLIBRI boats are the embodiment of reliability and durability. Thanks to many years of experience and advanced production, the company develops inflatable boats that meet the highest standards.

The products of the KOLIBRI company are developed in accordance with the Ukrainian “Rules for classification and construction of small vessels”, ISO standards and are manufactured in accordance with the directive 2013/53/EU of the European Union. KOLIBRI boats are resistant to mechanical and chemical damage, practically do not wear out and are guaranteed to serve for many years. High-quality five-layer PVC fabric with a density of 850 to 1100 g/m² produced by leading chemical concerns in Germany, France, and South Korea allows you not to worry about safety. The reinforced layer of weaving provides the PVC material with excellent resistance to mechanical damage. PVC layers make the material waterproof. A special adhesive gel reliably connects the PVC layers.

The plasticizing additive adds elasticity to the material, this is essential when assembling and disassembling the boat, especially at low temperatures. PVC material easily tolerates ultraviolet radiation, sea water, aggressive liquids and is designed to withstand temperatures from -30°С to +60°С.


The KOLIBRI company places great emphasis on meeting the needs of its customers. We offer a wide selection of models of inflatable boats, canoes and catamarans so that everyone can find the perfect option for their needs. High quality products and customer service are the main principles of the company’s work.

Our specialists provide warranty and post-warranty support for their products, consultations, boat upgrades. We will also help with tuning and conversion of your boat.


KOLIBRI offers various models of inflatable boats, canoes and catamarans to meet different customer needs. From small rowing boats to powerful motor models, the KOLIBRI range has something for everyone. Various sizes and configurations are available so you can find the perfect fit for your water adventures.

KOLIBRI inflatable boats


Among the most popular products from KOLIBRI, it is worth noting inflatable keel boats with a stationary transom. It is an ideal choice for those who are looking for exciting experiences of high-speed gliding. The KOLIBRI range also includes super-miniature rowing boats for quiet fishing in secret backwaters of quiet rivers and lakes, the unique float board boat Belly boat, canoes and catamarans for long trips. You can use both oars and a motor – it depends only on the design features of the boat model and your desire. The ability to easily transport and assemble all of our boats makes them popular with water sports enthusiasts. Easy to wash, easy to repair, easy to install additional equipment.

The model range of KOLIBRI boats consists of series, and the series contain separate models of boats by size. So, you can choose any boat for your needs.


KOLIBRI inflatable boats, canoes and catamarans are manufactured using modern technologies and high-quality materials. Our specialists carefully monitor all stages of production to guarantee the high quality of each product.

This is the only boat brand in Ukraine that has its own production of accessories, additional equipment and accessories for its small boats.

The in-house design bureau of the SC KOLIBRI designs, tests and brings all models of its boats to mass, small-scale and single production. Joints, accessories and additional equipment of KOLIBRI inflatable boats are welded on HFW equipment. This technological process is controlled by a computer, it is the most modern method of joining PVC fabric.

The main advantage of welding is the instant heating of the materials to be joined throughout their thickness, which guarantees the uniformity of the joint.

The advantages of this technology are that the welded seam of PVC has high strength, regardless of the ambient temperature and pressure in the tube, and the seam does not reduce its elasticity. Hot air welding technology is also used during the production of KOLIBRI boats. Its essence is that layers of material are drawn through the equipment, where hot air is supplied at the points where the layers meet. Thanks to the pressure of the rollers and the heating from the air, the fabric layers are connected at the molecular level.

The company’s own sewing workshop provides design, development and mass production of all the company’s sewing products – from branded baseball caps and travel bags to safety vests, covers and awnings for all types of KOLIBRI boats.


KOLIBRI is a company that has won the trust of customers for its reliable and durable inflatable motor and rowing boats, canoes and catamarans. With a wide range of different models and high quality customer service, KOLIBRI remains one of the first companies whose watercraft is a reliable choice for those who value safety, quality and joy from priceless experiences of active recreation on the water.

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