Inflatable floating dock platform DK-400

SKU: 14.002.*
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The unique dock, easy to use, provides excellent stability, a large part of the platform is covered with a layer of EVA foam, this surface is very strong and non-slip.

With the help of additional fasteners (D-rings), it can be connected to other platforms.

Thanks to various modules, you can create your floating island and enjoy relaxing, fishing, sunbathing, swimming.

The inflatable modular dock platform is a convenient solution for mooring water transport. Also, the inflatable platform can be used for sports and yoga.

Set: bag, high-pressure pump, repair kit.

Size: 400 х 200 x 20 cm

Article Color
14.002.02 light-gray
14.002.17 light-blue

Additionally installed:

1. Fastening of the transom for the electric motor.
2. Fastening for stairs.

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