Inflatable air chair

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The Inflatable air chair from the KOLIBRI company was created as an alternative to a rigid folding chair.

The Inflatable air chair is made of reinforced PVC fabric. It is a DWF (Double Wall Fabric) material interwoven with a large number of polyester Drop Stitch Technology threads.

The Inflatable air chair is quickly inflated and deflated by a high-pressure pump, keeps its shape, and withstands the load.
The Inflatable air chair has a PVC pocket and a convenient handle for carrying the chair when inflated.

It is possible to additionally install a thermal bag in a place convenient for you.

External size: 59 x 72 x 72 cm

The internal size of the seat: 52 x 52 cm

Weight: 4,4 kg

Article Color
14.050.02 light-gray
14.050.05 gray

Complete set: bag

The high pressure pump is not included in the kit

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