“KOLIBRI” inflatable motor boat KM-270XL is the smallest flat-bottomed boat in the KOLIBRI BMC model range of the “Explorer Light” series. The KM-270XL has smooth contours, an enlarged cockpit and a high carrying capacity. It is completed with air-deck payol.

Length overall, cm 270
Length internal, cm 192
Width overall, cm 170
Width internal, cm 82
Balloon fabric 950 g/m² PVC
Tube diameter, cm 44
No of chambers, pcs 3+1
Loading capacity, kg 450
Passengers capacity 2
Engine max, HP (kW) 5 (3,7)
Set weight, kg 22,65
Dimension of package, cm 115*60*40
Boat design category (CE) D
Scheme of chambers
Scheme of chambers
1-3 sequence of inflating the chambers of the boat
Three airtight compartments in chambers
Nominal pressure in chambers 0,25 bar
Payol options
Inflatable motor boat "KOLIBRI" КМ-270XL comes with Air-deck payol (nominal pressure 0,6 bar).
With the installed bottom deck, the inflatable boat "KOLIBRI" acquires improved running and operational characteristics.
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