Air-deck floorboard for the motor boats

SKU: 23.0**.**
light grey (02) **, black (13)**

Air-deck it is high pressure inflatable floorboard (0,6 – 1,0 Bar), thickness 70-80 mm, which can be installed on the KOLIBRI inflatable boats instead of traditional hard floorboards.

Air-deck consists of two layers of PVC fabric connected by thousands synthetic nets that form honeycomb structure.

Lightweight (light in twice times in comparison with traditional floorboards), compactness (it is packed into small bag), quick assembling (it is enough to inflate by the pump which is included into the set of the Air-deck) – here is not complete list of advantages of high pressure inflatable floorboard Air-deck.

Set of the Air-deck: floorboard Air-deck, high pressure pump, bag

Article Boat model
23.009.** КМ-200
23.028.** КМ-245
23.010.** КМ-260
23.011.** КМ-280
23.023.** КМ-300
23.024.** КМ-330
23.029.** КМ-330С
23.030.** КМ-390С
23.031.** КМ-460С
23.032.** КМ-270DXL
23.033.** КМ-300DXL
23.034.** КМ-330DXL
23.035.** КМ-360DXL

** – two last numbers in the Article code is the code of the color

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