Folding flooring (sole-book) for the inflatable motor canoes

SKU: 22.02*.22
brown (22)

Folding flooring (sole-book) located along the entire length of a canoe, consists of 4-6 sections of moisture resistant, film faced plywood (9 mm), glued between each other by PVC tapes.

KOLIBRI inflatable motor canoe acquires improved running and operational characteristics with the folding flooring (sole-book).

Article Size, mm Sect., psc Weight, kg Canoe
22.023.22 2724х545х9 4 8,9 KM-330C
22.024.22 3325х545х9 5 10,3 KM-390C
22.025.22 4028х545х9 6 12,5 KM-460C


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