Bow part slatted laminated deck К-280СТ, К-300СТ, КМ-200, КМ-245, КМ-260, КМ-280, КМ-300, КМ-330

SKU: 21.00*.22
brown (22)

Slatted laminated deck produced from moisture resistant, film faced plywood (9 mm) and has antiskid surface.  Side protection of the slat produced from PVC fabric and welded by HFW equipment. It protects boat tubes from abrasion.

Quantity of slats – 2 pcs.

Article Weight, kg Boats
21.007.22 1,5 К-280СТ, К-300СТ
21.008.22 1,5 КМ-200, КМ-245, КМ-260, КМ-280
21.009.22 2,0 КМ-300, КМ-330


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